Just For Tonight

Just for Tonight

Written April 24, 2013

For Hannah

​At the Wednesday night church services tonight, I watched you helped lead worship.  In a week and a half, I will watch you walk across that stage and graduate high school.  Tonight, God said, “Your work here is done.”  So for tonight, I will remember, and praise the King.

​I will remember when you came into the world, and many sleepless nights ensued as you “sang” to us every night; so that’s what that constant noise was.  I will remember how you said that you didn’t want to play soccer because it was “too much running.”  Now, we have spent endless days and nights at soccer fields, and we will watch you take your place as a Bethel Lady Wildcat this fall.  I will never forget what God taught us all through this experience. “Do your best and let God do the rest”, and “it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” bounce around in my mind as I think back to our soccer days.  He has confirmed so many times that nothing is impossible with Him.

​I will remember the days of sitting in church with you beside me.  I will never forget that Easter at Thompson Station Church as we sat and watched the drama.  As the crucifixion scene unfolded before us, you cried.  My heart knew what was wrong, but I asked you anyway.  “What is wrong?  Why are you crying? Is it because they are crucifying Jesus?”  You sadly shook your head, “Yes.” You have always loved Jesus.  That Easter, we watched Bellevue Baptist Church’s televised Easter program, and shortly after, you asked Jesus into your heart.

​I will remember Junie B. Jones, Winnie the Pooh and Hannah Montana.  I will remember always how you have never chosen to sit with friends at church but rather have chosen to sit with Mom.

​I will remember the stage of self doubt.  During middle school, Satan plagued you with thoughts that you were not good enough.  This is the battlefield of the mind for all of us.  This just means that God has a great plan for you; follow Him.

​Finally, I will remember watching you lead worship for the first time at Madison Baptist Church.   Your dad and I, as well as many of our church family, cried.  Soon, you will sing at graduation.  There will not be enough Kleenex in the world for our family that day.  As a parent, there are not many joys better than watching your child worship the King.   That is something that we did not teach you.  It is the response to a great love that you have come to know in your eighteen years at our house.

​I will remember all the school mornings, backpacks, dresses, tights, uniforms and everyday events of life with Hannah.  As you graduate, know that we love you not for what you have accomplished, but for you.

​So just for tonight, I will remember.  Now go make a difference for the Kingdom. Image

One comment

  1. Hi – my name is Leigh Gray. I actually attended Union University and Englewood while I was there. Jackie Bobbitt is even a distant relative of mine. The weirdest thing has happened – your post to your daughter has ended up on my personal website. http://www.leighgray.com I have my “tech lady” looking at it and hopefully we can get it all straightened out, but I just wanted you to know – just so you know I had not stolen it or something strange like that!! ha Technology really is out of control!

    I must say your post was beautiful though! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    Leigh Gray

    PS – do you know Fran Thomas – she is a dear friend to me!!


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