Never Be Deceived By Satan’s Lies

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Romans 16:20

This past March, I was honored to be a speaker at the Missions’ Gathering in Gatlinburg. It was awesome, but not at first. Getting ready to go, I was like a child at Christmastime. I was prayed up, had my vehicle packed and looking like someone’s closet…and then came session number one. After it was over, I was so deflated. I felt that I had done a terrible job.
Understand this? Been there? Ever led VBS, Sunday School, or Bible study and it just seemed to flop? It is as if Satan takes you by the hand and starts leading you down a road. You passively let him because you are in agreement with his lies. As you walk down this road, you see billboards. The first one says, “You are not good enough.” You believe that and keep going with him. Next comes the one that says, “You shouldn’t have done this: this is a mistake of gargantuan proportion”. “You are embarrassing yourself”. “No one will ever ask you to do anything like this again because these people are so much better than you.” Even as I type these words, my heart rate is starting to soar. Just as I had made my plan to go back to my hotel room and cry the rest of the night, my journey with Satan was interrupted.
Hit by a huge force, I was stopped in your tracks: the voice of an Almighty, Sovereign God said, “Enough! She’s mine.” The Holy Spirit spoke words of conviction to my heart, “So, you still think this is about you, huh? When will you ever learn that it is about God and His kingdom work.” The preparation for speaking can be grueling, and there is no room for selfish pride. It is not about me, what I think or how I feel. It is not about whether I believe I am any good at this or not. It is about obedience. God gently brought me back to reality by saying, “Quit listening to the evil one, and go and do what I have called you here to do.”
“Obey, and shut up” became my marching orders for the rest of my time in Gatlinburg. In the next session, we began with a prayer to shut up the evil one, and things changed completely. God sent to me some precious sisters right before my session that helped me focus. I was also blessed with an angel in my room for the weekend who through her prayer, I am convinced, helped bind Satan from those sessions.
God allowed me to hear of one miracle He did that weekend, using my session. I cannot imagine all the great works that God did or will continue to do through the Missions Gathering.
Do not allow the evil one to lead you down this road to destruction. That is His job, but yours and mine is to recognize the work of a liar and shut him up with the truths of our King. Satan will set his traps, but resolve to say to him, “I may become discouraged but not for long. I am a child of the King, covered by the blood of Jesus. You were defeated at the cross, you will never win and you will not win in my life; at least not today you won’t. I will never give up.”

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