Life in the Slow Lane

‘Life in the Slow Lane”
By Kathy McBroom June 27, 2013
Recently, I had hip surgery. This obviously slowed me down quite a bit. Since I am a school teacher, typically my summers are pretty laid back but not quite this much. There are many lessons to be learned from what I call life in the slow lane. Physically, recovering is a battle, but for me, the emotional battle can be much more difficult to overcome. I have found that there are phases that one will go through when experiencing a life change of this sort, and we must see them as spiritual traps.
Phase one: Whining. It just comes naturally and slips right out. What can you do about that? Prior to surgery, I had not talked about it except to very close friends and my family. God spoke to me about being open and real, so I reluctantly posted an explanation of my upcoming surgery on my blog and Facebook. Besides the blessing of those much needed prayers, I also could be held accountable to a mantra of no whining.
Phase two: Personal pity parties. This is a tad different from whining in that for me, these seem to hit out of nowhere. I feel as if I am doing fine, and bam, I find myself sobbing uncontrollable. This requires a personal pep talk and a meditation on verses to me that are my very life. I taped four verses on my mirror to memorize during this time and ultimately, to direct my focus. These verses have helped me remember that many others are walking through much darker valleys than mine. I should be praying instead of crying, or as I have done many times, a good combination of the two.
Phrase three: Loss of purpose. When I am down for extended periods of time, I tend to spend too much time watching television and on social media. A weakness of mine is to begin to listen to the messages that TV is sending, and if we are not careful, social media can send these same messages. Television tells me that I am overweight, in serious need of botox, flabby, baggy and my hair, well, let’s just stop right there. Social media can sometimes start to sound like some of the Christmas letters that paint a picture of health, wealth and happiness. The comparison trap slowly seeps in, and I am always lacking in my eyes. I lose sight of God’s unique plan for me and my purpose.
After I finally quit being so engrossed in “I”, “me” and “my”, God helped me move on. I started to look to the future, searching for God’s plan in all this. Thus comes this article, and I am ecstatic about a new direction God is taking me this Fall at my church. Recently, my pastor Ben Mandrell stated that what we become passionate about, we will find time and energy for and that passion changes everything. True. I encourage you to pray, seeking God’s ministry for you. In God’s perfect will, there is peace, joy and contentment.

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