What does faith look like?

Today my pastor Ben Mandrell presented a fiery sermon on “Personal Integrity”. I believe all of us were soul searching by the end of the service. It was a no holds barred, no fluff type of sermon that was very much needed by me. We tend to forget that God loves us and disciplines those He loves. If we never felt corrected or rebuked, that is not the work of a loving God.
Recently, God has called me to pray about vanity, pride and selfishness. God’s words have not been easy to hear. He has lead me to understand that to have the mind of Christ, I must be a slave. This requires sacrifice and humility, two traits that I do not always possess. The journey that He has lead me on during this campaign has not been easy. God has shown me that when I seek to glorify myself, I am not serving Christ but actually looking a lot more like the enemy. I want to be a reflection of Christ, not Satan.
Now as Ben was speaking, God was also. The question came to mind “What does faith look like?” What does being faithful in all areas of my life involve? I believe that God wants me to pray until this is fleshed out in my life.
According to God’s message through Ben this morning, personal integrity involves three things:
1. Telling the truth even when it hurts
2. Keeping a promise even when you would rather not
3. Confronting problems that would be easy to ignore

I believe that step one in God showing me what faith looks like everyday will be committing to these three premises. Ben stated that we should do the right thing even when it brings loss. God wants His people to be holy as he is holy. So, go on this journey with me. Let’s commit to seeing what faith looks like in our lives everyday. We must boldly face whether or not we want to be that holy priesthood that is truly set apart and does not look like the world. Are you ready?

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