Thirty-one Days of Thanksgiving (Written in 2012)

imageI am a member of the face book community, and it seems that we are now engaged in being thankful for something each day of November. This is something of which I need to be a part. At our house we have one daughter in college, and one who is a senior. We often wonder how we are going to make it each month, and this can be draining. I refuse to let this and other life trials distract me from the joy of Christ. It will not steal my joy! So, here are my thirty. I hope in no way these make you think “wow, isn’t she special” or “gee, her life is so good”. My goal here is that we both will be thankful and remain in that attitude forever–literally. Some of my thirty need no explanation, some do, some only my family or close sisters/friends will
Understand, some are serious and some are just plain goofy. These are not in order of importance. I apologize that my list may be boring at which time I hope your mind will have wandered on to create your own list.
1. Jesus–I could stop here
2. My husband
3. My daughters Rachel, who is the apple of my eye, and Hannah, who is just like me(bless her)
4. My mom and dad
5. Krispy Kreme donuts (these do not rank higher than my family, I promise)
6. My brother and his wife
7. My family-in-law
8. All my nieces and nephew
9. My pastor Ben Mandrell (now thankful for my pastor Jordan Easley) and my worship leader Travis Cottrell
10. My school Crockett County High School in Alamo, TN
11. My college girlfriends at Englewood Baptist Church, even when we have gotten immature lately and when the moments get serious, we start laughing like middle school boys.
12. My sister/friends. I will not name them to give them the power to say, “I don’t know her.”
13. All the encouraging words that people have spoken to me regarding an article of mine, a speaking engagement or a class I have taught. I am humbled, and it means so much more to me than you I can express.
14. Heaven (I told you these were in no particular order because this one should be moved up)
15. The season of Fall, Summer and Spring
16. My students at Crockett County High School who challenge me to be a better teacher
17. The words “Crockett County Schools will be closed today”
18. Buttercups and roses
19. The beach
20. Cadbury chocolate
21. Pain killers when I need them, medicines, doctors, nurses–well, the entire medical profession. I wish I wasn’t as familiar with all that as I am. All healing still comes from our Creator, and I am thankful for the “tools” in our medical world.
22. Hallmark Christmas movies to which I have now become addicted
23. Random fun and surprising moments like the night Hannah and I walked up to the red carpet at the CMA awards and Keith Urban got out of a vehicle, then Taylor Swift, then next came Martina Mcbride and last Lauren Alaina or the time when I surprised Rachel for her 13th birthday with a trip to Lexington, Kentucky, visiting attractions such as Smarty Jones’ stable. A lady walked up to us, quietly told us she was the famous race horse’s owner and was making a surprise visit. For an entire tour, no one knew who she was but us and the reporter with her. The next week, Rachel was the subject of an article in the local paper.
24. The color red( no connection to Taylor Swift’s latest album)
25. Chris Tomlin music
26. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir music
27. God’s provision of my needs
28. Dr. Pepper, sweet tea and clean drinking water
29. A single day of life, free from disease and any kind of sickness with an
opportunity to praise the king and live my faith whether I do a good job of that or not
30. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…
My list is longer than thirty because I could go on forever about the attributes of God. I am thankful to be an American. I am thankful for those who fight for my freedom. I am thankful for the opportunity to write for the Baptist and Reflector. I am thankful to be able to speak to ladies
across Tennesssee about my King. I am thankful t be a high school teacher even when No Child Left Behind does mean no teacher left standing.
“Give thanks to The Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”
Psalms 107:1. NIV

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