Thoughts in the Recovery Room

Today I had a routine screening, you know, the one that involves lots of drinking nasty liquids–enough said.  As I was lying in Imagerecovery, I had lots of thoughts.

*Before they told me my results, I thought about how one sweet little girl at my high school Sarah Dowd is going through chemo due to a diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I also thought about a sweet friend Ashleigh-Anne Hughes and how she is waiting for a liver transplant.  I also thought about several others that are battling cancer or other serious diseases.  I thought about how I do not deserve good results.  Only by God’s grace am I not battling a health issue right now.  God healed me of arthritis years ago, and I realize I am a walking miracle.  We all are.  I deserve nothing, so I spent time praying for these people and others that are part of our Englewood Baptist Church family that may be getting no so good results back today.

*This is closely connected to my first thought, but as I was so ready to go home, I was also reminded of how this would end very soon for me, lying on a hard, flat bed, with what can’t be called a blanket over me, staring at the ceiling tiles that I literally have counted the wholes in those things before and listening to THAT BEEPING NOISE THAT WILL NOT STOP.  I thought about my friends like Sarah that possibly deal with this at this once a week or more often.  I thought about how I should quit whining.

*Since Robert and I saw so many of our Englewood family working at the hospital, I thought about how we are like spies, a sort of undercover vessel of light spread throughout a dark world.  We go into our mission field everyday, me included since I teach at a public high school.  I thought about how if all of us at EBC, which is a substantial amount of people, would pray for the lost, discouraged and wayward people around us, that would make a tremendous impact.  When I say pray, I mean really fast and pray like we mean it.  If all of us just look for the small things that we could do to show hope to the hopeless, we would be changing the world.

So, since God convicted me a long time ago that I should never speak, teach or write about something I am not doing myself, when the nurse entered to help me get dressed, I asked her, “I have a random question, but do you go to church around here anywhere?”

Visit my web site and check out my resources.  Contact me if I can ever help you with your ministry at or

If you are part of our EBC family or looking for a good Sunday School class to connect with, come visit me and Joy Greene’s  Sunday mornings at 11:00 behind the worship center. Check out our facebook page.

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