And That’s the Way My Life Goes

I was coming off a really good school day.  You see, one of my students paid me what I will always consider to be one of the best compliments of my teaching career or that I have ever had.  Being a teacher is a rewarding job, but like every job, there are long, dry spells of wondering, “Why do I do this again?”  The unending state changes in standards is mind boggling.  So, after school I am feeling pretty good, reveling in the moment.  Now bear with me so you can get the full picture of what happened next. My back seat of our Pathfinder was full of 68 sets of literature stories.  Each is about 50 pages long. A teacher friend and I loaded them up to take to the central office to bind into booklets for my freshmen.  They were going to need to just ride with my for a day or two since that wasn’t going to happen today, so no problem, a back seat full of papers.  Until it happened… I stopped at Target.  I opened the back seat door to reach for some curtains to return.  Obviously, the stacks had shifted.  Wow, what a rush, explosion, not unlike Niagara Falls, that fell onto the pavement of the parking lot.  Papers are swirling in the wind and I just stand amazed,  well, not in the presence.  Half the stack stayed in the vehicle, but approximately 1500 sheets of paper didn’t.  “Nooooo…” is all I could get out of my mouth.  Two people came to my rescue, and I first wanted to say, “You don’t happen to go to Englewood, do you?”  I am still waiting for someone to say, “Hey, was that you in the middle of the snow like tornado at Target?”  We managed to get most of them back, stuffed in the back seat.  I almost laughed out loud in Target at my crazy life.  As I was telling Robert this later, I laughed until I cried. Been praying that God will slay the pride and vanity beast.  Hard to be prideful when you walk out of Target and realize you still see some papers blowing around the parking lot.  Did I mention that the pages are not numbered?Image

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