“Confessions of a Teacher in August”

So we are halfway through August–how are you doing?  The blog on “Top Ten Words of Advice” had nearly 800 views, so we teachers are desperate for encouragement or humor.  Either way, I am praying for you,  and here’s an offering in the ache-19005_150 (1)name of teacher desperation   We are bonded in our effort to stamp out ignorance and still have a piece of sanity when June rolls around. So here are a few confessions that are working for me.  Some seem quite normal  or maybe just normal to me.

  1.  I seem to be eating a lot of peanut butter as a meal straight out of the jar.  It is healthy, but I have started groaning when I open my small school frig and see that jar staring at me.
  2.  Warning–this one only applies to females & is a little unhealthy I am sure.  I put my make up on for Sunday morning church and, well, the eye make up never comes off until Friday.  I have found it easier just to wash the face and leave the eyes alone.  I know that this isn’t healthy for my eyes, eyelashes, or whatever else some beauty expert for L’oreal would be able to tell me, but that L’oreal exec probably lives in a high rise apartment in New York City and will not face 13-14 year old children tomorrow all day, so I rest my case.  Those Stilettos aren’t good for her feet and legs, and she doesn’t have to worry about me on that one.
  3.  When it comes to shoes, I have made it through the day with those cute shoes that match the outfit most of the day, but by the high-heel-158363_150end of the day, or not even close to the end of the day, I have put on some sad looking tennis shoes.  I have gone on after school errands and meetings with those tennis shoes on and my nice school outfit.  It ain’t pretty.
  4.  I took a liquid vitamin one night with an ice cream scoop.  There were no clean spoons.  Wash one, you say?  Too tired for that. One of my teacher friends said she was going to bring me a package of plastic spoons, so I may not keep the dishes washed at all now.  Paper and plastic all the way.
  5.  So far, I have lost 3 pounds.  This is not a tip in anyway but is OKAY.  There are some good side effects of August.
  6.  If you looked in my Pathfinder, you would think I am moving.  This is helpful.  I am ready for whatever, and I have needed some of that stuff.  I currently have a jean jacket, blanket, broom, a bag of change for Sonic happy hour, those tennis shoes I mentioned and a pair of socks,  a pair of flip flops, a box fan, a trash bag, some wipes, some snacks, hand sanitizer, ALWAYS some Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons, and a few other things that might be considered the normal stuff.  You considered most of that stuff normal, though didn’t you?  Oh, and there’s a roll of toilet paper–you know why.
  7.  I shamelessly invited myself to my parents for supper.  Robert was out of town, and I really wanted something hobackground-2485_150 (1)t to eat.
  8.  I drank coffee to keep me awake for Wednesday night church last week.  I was asked to pray during a prayer service, which was an honor, but I was afraid that halfway through my prayer, I would forget what I was doing. I was praying for the parents of students in our city!  It was approaching my bedtime of 8:00, or shall we say my dream bedtime of 8:00.  I am drinking alot of coffee afterschool actually.
  9.  Chocolate.  There’s a bag in my room.  After school, I hit the bag.  About halfway through the bag, you hear yourself saying, “Stop eating chocolate!”, but you also don’t listen to yourself.
  10.  I have become obsessed with the show “The Middle”.  Frankie and Mike could be a mirror image of Robert and Kathy McBroom.  While some other better English teachers are probably watching Masterpiece Theater and the latest version of the classics, I am watching shows like “The Bachelor”.  It’s mindless TV and requires no energy on my part.  I actually had that conversation with a teacher once.  While she spoke of how amazing the actors and actresses had been on a particular series on Masterpiece theater, my only thought was “I got nothing so keep the mouth shut.”

No judgement.  Whatever it takes to get through August.  If you are like me, you wake up early with your mind reeling with all that must be done. My habit is to start praying before my feet hit the floor.  Psalm 5:3 states “In the morning I lay requests before you and wait expectantly.”   I don’t want to dare approach any of this without humbly begging God for wisdom in all I say and do.  I need His discernment.  I need His words, not mine.  Mine can be sarcastic, and God stops me from saying everything I am thinking.  Last week after one of my freshmen gave me her second “reason” she should be moved to the back of the room, all I could think as she was talking was, “Darling, you need to go ahead and bring your ‘A’ game because this is never gonna happen”.   See what I mean?  I need God to stop the rushing freight train before it reaches my lips.  I need Jesus more than I need air.

Remember friends: (I am paraphrasing these)

Through Christ we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37)

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the powers of the dark world (Ephesians 6:12)

I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13)

If we are Christ followers, nothing is impossible.  If you don’t know God through a relationship with Christ, consider a relationship with my best friend.

Hang in there, brothers and sisters in teacherhood.  August will be over soon.

Kathy McBroom









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