Bring Back the Joy or It’s Christmas–Let’s Get Crazy

The holidays can be sometimes difficult for me and many others.  I will post some of my older writing so that you can know more of why, but I hope it will be encouraging and not depressing.  I am a survivor, and you are too. God uses everything for His good (Romans 8:28).  So now let’s think of all the things we will do this holiday season celebrating the Savior of the world’s birth.

1.  I will watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and sing all the songs.

2.  I will put the reindeer antler headband and ankle bells on our dog Jake.  He hates these, but it’s funny.

3.  I will find the perfect recipe for boiled custard. I think I remember Dottie Myatt having one I will try.

4.  I will go look at length at the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us.

5.  I will eat Rice Krispie squares.  I love Rice Krispie squares.

6.  I will track Santa on his web site on Christmas Eve.

7.  I will watch at least fifteen of those sappy Hallmark Christmas movies.  I love those also.

8.  I will watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and probably cry.

9.  I will beat Robert McBroom in Phase Ten and post it everywhere all over the house that I beat him.

10.  I will go Black Friday shopping with Hannah and Rachel McBroom and hopefully face time Megan and Amanda McBroom in California while we do.  A few states can’t separate a tradition.IMG_2474

11.  I will learn to like cranberry sauce.  O.k., just kidding-I am not doing that.

12.  I will laugh hysterically as I watch Robert McBroom’s feet from under our Christmas tree and hear him yelling, “Which way do I lean it now?  YOUR LEFT OR MY LEFT?!”

13.  I will eat ham and turkey and deviled eggs.  There are deviled eggs in heaven, even though they are called deviled eggs.

14.  We will have four of the most beautiful and precious angels come over to our house to open presents and spend time with us and hope that they have some idea of how much we love them.

15.  I will be patient as my high school kids get so antsy before Christmas break as I remember that they get out of school for two weeks, but I get out of school for two weeks and GET PAID.

16.  I will try every kind of dip recipe there is that might include cheese and rotel.  Let’s face it, cheese and rotel was good enough to be my diet through the college years so it is good enough to get me through the craziness of Christmas.

17.  (And still on that subject of food) I will not worry about the pounds I will potentially gain because if Jesus came back tomorrow, you would wish you had eaten that piece of pie, wouldn’t you?  No regrets.

18.  I will breathe in as much pine as I can.

19.  I will attend our Christmas at Englewood Baptist Church with my church family and sing along very loudly.  I will wait anxiously to hear Travis Cottrell, the best worship pastor in the world, sing “Oh, Holy Night.”


20. I will sing “Joy to the World” because the Savior has come, and it is time to celebrate.  Maybe you don’t need a Savior as bad as I do.  Maybe your life has always been easy, with very few bumps in the road.  Mine has had plenty of bumps, no, make that mountains.

21.  I will not let memories of Christmases past do anything but bring me joy.  I will wipe out of my mind any ones that are hard for this is my King’s birthday.  He rules, He reigns.  He will rule and reign in my heart and mind as I take every thought captive.

So, let’s go celebrate.  Freedom has come.  The deeper the pain, the greater the celebration, so bring it on.

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”  Luke 2:10

Kathy McBroom

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