5 Reasons Snowmageddon 2015 Must End

Here in Tennessee we have had our fair share of ice and snow.  We are not anywhere near the epic proportions that those of you who are up north feel, but for Tennesseans, we have had a big year of this.  For those of us who teach, that has been great, well, it was great.  At first, it was, “Snow day!!!  Yahoo!!!”. Then it became , “Snow Day!  Good.”  Now it has become, “Snow day.  Oh, well, how nice…”  I teach Freshmen, and we had a couple of days back in school before we were out again.  I mentioned to them that it looks like snow is headed our way and that we are about to be out again.  They just looked at me with a terribly unexcited look.  Do you know what it does to a 15 year olds social life to be stuck at home, unable to leave?

Don’t get me wrong,  I am a dedicated educator.  I have a pile of papers that need my attention, and I am fully aware that the EOCs exams are coming.  But, let’s just live for today.  Don’t think for a second that I am going to actually touch those papers.  Let’s just be real.  Don’t judge me.

1.  I have made one wreath, one other frame type wreath and I am working on a third project all courtesy of Pinterest.  It is evil.

My first week of snowmageddon partner Rachel who is currently student teaching so she was out also.
My first week of snowmageddon partner Rachel who is currently student teaching so she was out also.

2.  I have gained,,,several pounds.  My daughter who is currently student teaching was stranded with my the first week of Snowmageddan and we ate ALOT.  Again Pinterest is evil.

Guess what we were watching this day?

3.  Due to a massive intake of TV, I now realize that I should be dieting, exercising and that I have a massive number of wrinkles that for a small price can be dealt with.  I feel that I have some health issues that I have not been aware of and that I might should be seeking medical help.  There are also some TV shows that I may never watch again.

4.  I have cleaned out an unbelievable number of closets and drawers. For the first time in history my house is so close to being completely organized; just call me Martha Stewart.  Ok, no.

5.  I want to quit singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”.  It’s driving me crazy.  My freshmen and I agreed that if we hear that song one more time…

The good part is that I have nearly written an entire bible study called Broken.  I asked God to give me time to write this, and I do believe He did, so I will now get back to that.  I will let you know when it is ready.  It is a journey of healing and includes stories from some very special friends of mine.  They tell how they are amazing survivors and testify to how God brought them through difficult times.  You will hear from one cancer survivor, one friend who lost her middle school aged daughter, one who suddenly lost her adult daughter, one sister who is surviving divorce and one liver transplant survivor. Their stories are almost beyond belief.

IMG_0441Hang in there teachers.  I have Spring Break in one more week.

Kathy McBroom

Let me know if I can ever help you with a women’s event.  I love studying and sharing God’s word with the sisters!

Right now, I am pretty busy until June and will be spending a week in Haiti on mission with my precious daughters and one sweet friend! Let me know though so that maybe I can squeeze something in or get on the calendar for the fall.



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