Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Mother’s Day is this weekend and this blog is all about my mom.  There really are no words to say or rather more words than I can type.  My mom’s life says it all.  So here is my attempt to give her the honor and credit she deserves.

For the last several years, she has been the full time caregiver for my dad. She has shown us what unconditional love is by doing this without complaint.  When we have suggested other options, she stayed with what she has felt called to do.  The times when she and my Aunt Brenda Williams have been able to sneak away for some girl time, my dad is watching the driveway waiting for his life partner to come home.  These years have been difficult, much more than I know, but their love took a new shape and she has been patient. committed and enduring.

Mom with her sister Brenda Williams
Mom with her sister Brenda Williams

All of my childhood years, my mom worked full time, providing whatever my brother and I needed.  It seems that we now live in a world where hard work is not the norm, but it always was at my house.  Our house was always clean, clothes washed and supper fixed.  Every holiday we celebrated together with many other family members around us.  Mom made sure all Christmases and birthdays were special, and to this day, she bakes a birthday cake for me and my brother.

She has proudly attended every kindergarten, high school, and college graduation of every grandchild. This weekend as I sat and watched my oldest daughter Rachel McBroom graduate from the University of Tennessee at Martin, she sat beside me, beaming with pride.

left to right: my mom Dale Jolley, Rachel, my other father Jaime McBroom and my other mom Carolyn McBroom
left to right: my mom Dale Jolley, Rachel, my other father Jaime McBroom and my other mom Carolyn McBroom

She and my father taught my brother and I about God.  If we weren’t in church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, we were sick.  My dad was a deacon and the Sunday School director for many years.  My mom worked with the preschool children.  Both served in many other capacities in church and their commitment is now unfortunately rare.  They taught us and our children that church was not about what we could do or a way we could give back but about a heart and a life given to Jesus and allowing Him to live in us and through us.

My mom taught me to be a strong woman, and I remember her saying to me many times, “Anything a man can do, a woman can do.”  Understand that she loves my dad and has always been a wife and mom with pleasure, but she wanted me to understand that I was only limited by what I thought I could or couldn’t do.

Her legacy is strong.  She has raised a teacher/minister’s wife and a son who has always been involved in public service through the avenue of security, safety and law enforcement.  Her four grandchildren have all been on mission trips or are going soon, are involved in ministry through their churches, have received top honors because of their many talents and gifts including grades, sports and musical abilities. My mom’s beautiful singing voice lives on through her grand daughters.

Mom with her grand daughter Logan Jolley

So if this sounds like braggadocious ramblings, it is.  I believe that we should tell people how much they mean to us not on the day of their funeral, but every opportunity that we get.  I proudly use this blog opportunity that God has given me to give well deserved honor to my mom, Dale Jolley.

Kathy McBroom



Our parents with our daughter Hannah
Our parents with our daughter Hannah

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