Oh The Things That I Must have in My Classroom

Ok, since you might go to Walmart today because you always go to Walmart on the weekends, what are the things that we consider vital to our classroom?  You know that you are spending more time there right now than at home, so might as well make it homey.  You also know that when in Walmart, it is so hard not to correct that child who is out of control and tell a high school kid that they are out of dress code.  Believe me, Walmart ought to have a dress code. But, anyway, the list.

  1.  Chocolate–this I stated in a tweet this week which made me think that we should have a list.  Chocolate is
    “Great to Share”–ha ha, seriously?

    number one. And two. And three, well, you get the idea.

  2. Spare shoes-no explanation needed.
  3. A jacket.  Sometimes I have taught when you could have hung meat in my room, and then I have taught when my neighbor and I threatened to wear bikinis.  She and I were upstairs, and as we ascended the stairs each day, all I could think was, “Welcome to …”. I probably shouldn’t say that–don’t take me seriously.
  4. A variety of snacks and Plan B lunches.  Plan B lunches are those that you eat when you didn’t have time to fix or bring something better which is most of the time for me.
  5. I have now added a Keurig to my room.  Little piece of heaven. One of my high schoolers said to me recently, “Are students allowed to use this?”  I never responded.
  6. Doterra diffuser with oils, preferably lavender (it is calming), peppermint (it is good for focus), and On Guard (it is good IMG_2088for when the flu and cold season hits). As a side note, I have fallen in love with doTerra oils and use them all the time.  They work.  Twice now I have been able to ward off a bad cold coming by using On Guard and of course nearly overdosing on vitamins and juices, but I promise, it works. I have also found to putting a teaspoon to a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in orange juice or just swallowing it straight will kill a cough or cold.  It’s awful but works.  That has nothing to do with what this blog is about.  My daughter sells do Terra oils.  Here’s the web site and info if you care: mydoterra.com/rachelmcbroom
  7. Gum, mints…of course.  Breath can get icky.
  8. An umbrella.  One of the funniest visions I have seen lately was one of my new friends at Nelson County High School after she had after school parking lot duty and an unexpected rain shower, well a flood, came.  I have seen drenched animals before, but that beat every visual I have ever seen.
  9. Pictures of my family.  At the end of the day, I want to feel loved by someone even if the only ones happen to be in pictures.
  10. And last but not least, Tylenol, Ibuprofen or whatever the headache medicine is.  Don’t leave home without it.

So those are just a few of my must have, friends, before you start another week.  I have been praying for all my friends in teacher hood as we enter classrooms across America and beyond this school year.  Our nation needs a revival of people being Jesus in the work force.  Let it start with us.

If you get a chance, send me some comments and let me know some of your favorites that I might have left it.

It’s the weekend.  Relax.  Get out and do something besides think about school.  It will all slow down soon. Those little or big angels like mine at my high school will calm down.  Give them time and patience. We were all that age once and were not all model citizens then either.

Remember, I love teaching God’s Word more than anything and this fall I will be teaching my latest bible study Broken: A Journey of Healing on Wednesday nights at my church, Little Flock Baptist Church, Shepherdsville, KY.  Some of my sisters from our former church are hosting a retreat in October. We will be going through Broken together.  I love this idea of a small intimate time together to allow God to speak.  He has done great things by writing Broken and using my and some special other ladies’ broken stories.  These you read in the study as they are mixed and mingled throughout the study.  They are amazing women of all ages.  God has done a great work in us and wants to do one in you.

I will be sending more info out about Broken through my Facebook page, but info is available at my web site

Broken: A Journey of Healing--a 4 week bible study that will bring you form broken to broken no more
Broken: A Journey of Healing–a 4 week bible study that will bring you from broken to broken no more


How you know that the writing of this bible study was a God movement is in this short story:  He called me to write this another bible study, “I teach, I don’t have time”, I told Him, and then Snowmagadden 2015 hit and my school system was out for nearly two weeks.  God said, “There.  Write Broken.”  So I did.

Let me know if I can ever help you with women’s ministry.  It’s my first best love.  Then come those crazy high schoolers–they are in my blood.

Kathy McBroom





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