Broken: A Journey of Healing–Night One Recap

Many of you know that I am teaching the bible study that I wrote called Broken: A Journey of Healing on Wednesday nights.  On our first night together, I told my story in order for you to totally understand how I have been broken many times, but God has always restored me or is continually restoring me.  He has and is doing a great work in me.  So this blog includes several things:  Donessa Carter‘s video testimony and my story of physical healing.  My blog His Grace is Sufficient For Me also tells a few more details about my health challenges.  My blog called The Year My Dad Had a Stroke at Christmastime shares the story of just that:  a Christmas that was anything but merry.  Several years ago the loss of a friend to cancer also changed me forever.  I have written about that pain, but it is not on my blog–I will add that soon.  I also lost another friend right after high school, another episode that changed me forever, and that can be found on my blog.  It’s entitled Labor Day:  The Weekend That Changed Everything.  My prayer is NOT that you would ever think, “Oh, poor Kathy”, but that you would realize that our God is big, has done great things and has and is making all things beautiful in His time (Ecc 3:11)

I encouraged ladies to write their stories on night one and in chapter one, asking God what He wants them to share with someone else or that He wants  written down either to share publicly or not.  God will lead, but Chapter One is about what God wants to take and make beautiful.    And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.  Phil 1:6

The first night I showed the video testimony of my great friend Donessa Carter.  She has given me the permission to share that with you in case you missed it, or if you are like me, you could watch it over and over.  It may also be that God has lain on your heart someone who needs to hear her incredible story.  We were so blessed by your story Donessa Carter, and the impact it is having on lives is far reaching.

Here is the link to her story:

Donessa Carter’s testimony

*Someone let me know if this isn’t working!

I am also copy and pasting my story of physical healing that is at the end of chapter one.  This is unexplainable and is totally a miracle. This is it:

When I was twenty-nine, I was diagnosed with acute arthritis. It came very suddenly, waking me each morning with joint swelling and pain. This was followed by ten years of depressing doctor’s appointments and medication after medication, which did no good. The prognosis was that this was a degenerative disease and therefore would get worse. The only miracle drug were steroids, offering temporary relief. During these years, our two daughters were born, and I battled constant pain and fatigue and toddlers. I spent a week in a hospital once due to a major flare up which lead to my right hip being replaced. Those days were dark, and I was broken. I cried out to God many times, begging for healing or for Him to give me the courage to walk this path.

Over a period of about six months, I noticed my symptoms subsiding. Having moved to middle Tennessee, I moved my medical records to a local doctor. I went to see him to familiarize him with my case, and I knew something was different. After an exam, he called me into his office, and as he stumbled for words, he told me that he thought this disease was going away. In some cases, that can happen. He told me to slowly wean myself from my medications. I sat dumbfounded. That’s the last time I have seen a doctor for arthritis. If I get an occasional ache or pain, it stands as a reminder of the physical miracle God has done in me. My disease is now gone. Understand that the greatest healing of my life is the healing of my soul through the blood of Christ, but God also choose to physically heal me.

All glory to him who alone is God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. All glory, majesty, power, and authority are his before all time, and in the present, and beyond all time! Amen.  Jude 1:25

Kathy McBroom


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