Need Some Peace? A Great Sermon from Andy Stanley and Some Music from Michael English and Francesca Battistelli

Hey–just want to send out some good words and good music for this tremendous Sunday of my first fall break–I know many of you teachers are shouting with me.

Listen to this amazing sermon by Andy Stanley–still loving this series on happiness that he has going.  Here are some great points that spoke to me, especially as a teacher:

  • Happy people do not see themselves as a victim.  We teach many who do, but we must be careful not to adopt victim mentality if our teaching position is less than a positive one.  I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve.
  • Peace with God paves the way to peace with ourselves and equips us to be at peace with others.  This only comes through a relationship with Christ Jesus, who desperately wants a relationship with you and me.

Teachers, when we are followers of Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit resides in us; therefore, He goes in that classroom with us.  The power of God resides in me.  We are never alone.

If we are not at peace with God, that teaching job or any other job is going to spiral out of control.  When it comes to your classroom, teachers, the peace of God can reign but it must reign first in you.  And I need peace, the kind that only a King can give.

Deep thinking…listen to this sermon.  You will not be sorry.

Peace With God by Andy Stanley

And then enjoy this song that my former church Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN sang this morning.  If it doesn’t move you, nothing will.

Midnight Cry by Michael English

And end with one that my youngest daughter led this morning at her church:

Hannah my junior at Bethel University
Hannah my junior at Bethel University

Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli

Oh sweet Jesus, come….

Kathy McBroom

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