Thirty-one Days of Thanksgiving (Written in 2012)

Happy Thanksgiving-sharing this from 2012. Thankful for our former church family but now our new one Little Flock Baptist Church!

Life in Paris

imageI am a member of the face book community, and it seems that we are now engaged in being thankful for something each day of November. This is something of which I need to be a part. At our house we have one daughter in college, and one who is a senior. We often wonder how we are going to make it each month, and this can be draining. I refuse to let this and other life trials distract me from the joy of Christ. It will not steal my joy! So, here are my thirty. I hope in no way these make you think “wow, isn’t she special” or “gee, her life is so good”. My goal here is that we both will be thankful and remain in that attitude forever–literally. Some of my thirty need no explanation, some do, some only my family or close sisters/friends will

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