I Choose Joy

Christmas can be a difficult time. Praying for so many this year. We celebrate not because of our circumstances but because of the One Who makes all things good inHis time. My Savior came, and I need a Savior everyday.

Life in Paris

I was at Opry Mills mall in Nashville having a girls’ shopping day with my two college age daughters. I left them behind and ventured on, tiring of all those stores where the music was blaring and the lights were too bright.  I went in Bass Pro Shop; that’s when it hit me. Everything about that store reminds me of my dad. After so many years, one would think that the pain would lessen but no. Every man over sixty wearing a baseball cap turns into agony. I stayed until I just couldn’t any longer. I bolted for the door as fast as I could.IMG_1456

Let me be clear: my father is still with us, but many years ago at a Sunday School Christmas party, he had a stroke that changed everything.  My mother is now his care taker.  He went from being retired, independent and active in his church…

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