Broken: A Journey of Healing, Chapter One: The Revealing Snippet

When I was a little girl, I fell, hitting my right elbow on the sharp edge of newly laid concrete. I was probably riding my bike at the time. It was a clean cut, but fairly deep. Before the healing process could begin, the wound had to be cleaned. We all remember screaming as someone would first clean a wound and then apply medicine. The wound could not be left dirty because that could lead to infection; it had to be cleaned in order to heal properly.

I also sprained my ankle once. Well, I sprained both of them at the same time. Shortly after spraining the first one, as I was trying carefully to walking down stairs at our home, I fell and sprained ankle number two. The doctor told me on sprain number one that it would be better if I had broken it. The healing process would go better.

This is true of the human heart also. In order to heal properly, we must first open the wound. This hurts. We cannot expect God to heal what we are not willing to give Him. It is assumed that what we hang onto, we can fix, and we cannot.   Broken: A Journey of Healing,  Chapter One:  The Revealing

I will be going on two mission trips this year and will be using the proceeds from all books sales to help fund those.  Click on this link to my web site for ordering info:

I would also love to help you with any women’s events that I can.  March 12 I will be with the ladies of First Baptist Church, Dyer, TN for their Banquet of Tables night.  April 23 I will be in Covington, TN for a prayer retreat with Tipton County WMU.  Email me at  I have no fee-I just suggest a love offering that will go towards my mission trips.

Kathy McBroom



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