Best and Easiest Teaching Technology I Have Seen in a Long Time (Plus 1 Video)

This blog is short and to the point:  I am sharing the best game I have seen lately that can be used almost for every grade level and guess what?  It requires basically NOTHING from you!!! For me, that’s a winner every time.

It’s called Kahoot.  Here’s the web site:  Kahoot  You can find games that are an excellent review for any subject.  There are tons of games already there, but you can make your own. I have used this constantly for grammar review for my juniors with testing coming this time of year.  They love it.  There is no prep for you!!!!!  They need their cell phone or a computer.  That’s it.  They go to this web site, don’t need to sign up for anything or download anything.  You bring up a game, and they type in the pin for that game.  The student must answer the question quickly because each question is timed and accurately.  The top five will begin to appear after each question.  You can skip questions.  You can also hesitate and explain.  They like that because it is an instant answer and quick lesson.

Best tips:

  • Preview the games and create a favorite list.  Preview the games.  You can click on the games, and the questions will display without having to play it–it took me a minute to realize that.
  • Let the kids know that you can download the results–and YOU CAN.  This helps with those who just pretend they are playing or don’t want to.  Call it a grade.  Ha, ha
  • It will display the top five winners for each question–competition is a good thing.

They have challenged me with comments like “Mrs. McBroom, why aren’t you playing?  Don’t think you can win?”  What a way to take out some aggressions and show out (we would never do that, right?).

So here is a music video that might be necessary.  It speaks to your “God, I need some encouraging music” side.

Hang in there..Spring Break is coming and then it will not be long until those angels walk out our door for the year….

This Blood

Praying friends!!!


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