What Do I Do With That One? Tips for Avoiding Being On the 6:00 News

Found myself needing this again. If I could only keep these things in mind as things seem to escalate in the Spring. Oh summer, COME ON!!!!

Life in Paris

Halfway through the day, you want to cry. You are thinking, “Why did I want to teach again?” It’s that child. That one is getting to you. You have tried everything from sitting him in a corner, rewards, punishment, parent calls only to realize the parent is just like the child…what now?

College didn’t teach you this. Maybe they did and you skipped that day, or somehow you feel as if you missed something.

You go to yet another professional development only to hear more about data and creative new ways to waste your time.  We know that data drives education; we know it is a good tool. But for crying out loud, we can tell you what our students do and don’t know for a lot less money and effort and move on to something else. How about behavior modification techniques for that ADHD kid who has an ADHD…

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