“Broken: A Journey of Healing” Chapter Two “Repentance”, Snippet #3

Broken: A Journey of Healing–

From Broken: A Journey of Healing, Chapter Two “Repentance”:

Alexander Maclaren states that repentance and faith ought never to be separated. True repentance is impossible without faith; true faith cannot exist without repentance. I know that I must trust God if I truly repent because repentance requires a sorrow for sin and a turning away from it.

I can testify that these are truths from the times I have suffered:

  • God brought me close to His side
  • He had my full attention
  • I asked God to give me faith like I had never known before and He did

Repentance is hard. It means I must admit I am wrong. I don’t care for that. As a believer, repentance leads to life.

  • I cannot become a follower of Christ unless I acknowledge I am a sinner and that I need saving, and repent of my sin.
  • I cannot become a follower of Christ and not actually follow Christ’s ways. (I know this is now rocket science.)
  • There are no part time followers of Christ; therefore, I must daily commit to follow His ways at all times, in all things.

Today, pray about an area of your life that needs repentance. Forget about your situation which may be a result of nothing that you did. Give God time to reveal areas that need cleansing. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to convict you.

I will start teaching this Wednesday night, March 16, 6:30.  Come join me.  This study will last 6 weeks (maybe less).

I will also be with the ladies of First Baptist Dyer, Dyer Tennessee for the Women’s Banquet of Tables.  Join us!

Teacher sisters, I have counted down the days until SUMMER!

Kathy McBroom



Do you have a relationship that brings peace now and forever? There is only one way to heaven and home with God. Today is the day to investigate the One Who loves you best with an everlasting, unconditional love.


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