“Broken” Snippet #4, Chapter Two: Repentance, Day Three

We cannot be healed of something that we do not acknowledge.

For those of you that your mess was of your own design (remember, we have all been there).

Is there any part of this issue that you are blaming someone else for when you know that you must admit your part in it?

Do you secretly enjoy the attention that this issue brings to you? Maybe people tell you that they admire your courage in this situation and you like that.

Are you scared to admit you were wrong? Why?

Are there parts of this story that you have allowed people to believe that are truly an exaggeration or are not the entire truth? Are you willing to come clean?

These are all connected to pride and we are getting to that.

Are you ready to repent? Are you willing to ask for help? Are you willing to seek professional help through your church or other trusted Christians?

Are you willing to forgive someone who is not asking for forgiveness thereby letting go of a grudge, bitterness or a sense of justice? Will you be ok stepping down out of the judgement seat and letting God be the rightful judge?

It’s getting difficult now, but my friend, God wants to transform your life. Jewish tradition had people wear ashes as a sign of remorse or mourning, but when I think of ashes, I think of the fact that there had to be a fire to create those ashes. God wants to make beauty from ashes.

Repentance, Chapter Two: Day Three

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Off to Las Vegas on mission tomorrow during my Spring Break.  Viva Las Vegas!  Of course I watched the movie last week.

Kathy McBroom


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