Broken: A Journey of Healing Snippet #5, Chapter 2 Repentance

If we are a servant, we are a constant reflection on our master. When I am following Him and submitting to Him, life is so much less chaotic. I don’t take the credit, but I am pointing people to my master.
This doesn’t mean trouble will not come. Just the opposite! If I say I am a person of great faith but nothing bad ever happens and no one sees my faith in action, it’s useless. It’s easy to be a person of great faith when all is going well, but when things get shaken up a bit, then what happens?
Consider it all joy my friend each time a trial comes and we can point to the One Who overcame the grave and can overcome every trial we ever encounter.
Praise to the King.

from Broken: A Journey of Healing, Chapter 2: Repentance

Don’t underestimate what God can do when we come before Him broken, ready for healing.  He cannot heal us until we are broken.

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Teacher friends, hang in there.  It’s the last day of April.

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  1. I am a Social Science teacher in Alabama. I have been teaching for 13 years. I look forward to reading your posts. I found you last August. Coincidence, I think not. I enjoy your wisdom as a Christian who teaches, has a family, and follows the will of our Lord. We have 12 days of school left here. The students and I will be pushing one another to cross the finish line. Blessings to you Mrs. McBroom. I look forward to your upcoming posts.


    • Thank you so much. Those words have definitely encouraged me! Thank you for reading my posts! As I sat in church this morning, I counted up our days-13. It will end soon.


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