The Sound of My Father

As I sit beside my dad today, this blog came to mind. I have been so blessed in my life with my incredible Father and my heart breaks for so many of my students who haven’t had this life changing relationship. Happy early Father’s Day dad.

Life in Paris

This past September I led a breakout session at the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s WMU’s Fall Prayer Retreat in Paris.  I am always so excited to be there that I typically do not sleep.  As I was watching the sun come up from the balcony of my room at the Paris Landing State park, I heard a fishing boat whizzing across the water.  I breathed the fresh air in and thought, “That’s the sound of my father.”  My father loved to fish, especially for bass.  I grew up camping in the summer months and can remember getting to ride in the boat in lakes and rivers all over West Tennessee.  Recently I found some of my dad’s plastic fishing worms in an old tackle box of his and tears started to fall.  When this happens though, I have resolved to smile and remember. In my life I have been blessed with…

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