Great Link on Rights of a Christian Teacher in the Classroom

As I prep for the Fueled Retreat where I will lead two sessions on being a Christian teacher in a public school, I came across this great article and wanted to share.  DO not be discouraged:  pray constantly about our role as a teacher, for our fellow teachers, admin and for our students.  We cannot and are not supposed to know how far our influence goes and in what ways God will answer those prayers.

Know Your Rights as a Christian Teacher

Part of the big picture with you,

Kathy McBroom

Leading two mentioned sessions at KBC leadership retreat, got a retreat that I will speak and my daughters will help with-one of them is a worship leader, both are just my right hands., and planning on having a one day bible study at my house this Spring.  Can I help you in trying to encourage, build and reach your ladies for Jesus?  Let me know.  My fee is contribute to my mission fund if you want.  I love to do this when I can.  That teaching keeps me hopping!



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