I Have a Food Hangover: Teacher on Fall Break

I have a food hangover.  What, might you ask, is that?  I am a teacher on Fall Break.  I have been trying to catch up on those lesson plans, it’s grueling, so I am compensating by eating whatever.  After all, I can go for hours if given some Cool Ranch Doritos, Dr. Pepper and chocolate.

No of course.

There is a point to this that you might find helpful:  if you wake up feeling just little achy, tired, slight stuffy nose, no energy…you might have one also.  Years ago, I had what was diagnosed as acute arthritis.  There was nothing cute about it for each morning I woke with joint swelling and stiffness.  It wasn’t a morning stiffness; it was a 24 hour stiffness. As a result of some dark days, I have an artificial hip.  I have had it for 21 years.  God healed me completely, which is a whole other story, but I am a walking miracle.  You are too.   The greatest miracle that God has ever done was through opening my eyes to peace with Him through Christ Jesus.  I’ll take back arthritis any day, I just can’t do without Jesus.   All miracles pale in comparison to salvation through Christ.  I needed and need saving everyday.

But during those 10 years that I had arthritis, I learned a thing or two about my body.  If I eat a lot of junk, I feel much worse.  My theory on that was solidified the first time I had to fast for a surgery and realized that 24 hours later, I felt much better but hungry.  I have fasted for health and my Christ follower beliefs ever since.

So the moral of this blog that is not my usual topic is this:  if you feel horrible after a great day of junk eating, consider what you ate 24 hours ago.  These are a few things on my BAD list.  I have experimented and found they are culprits for me.  I literally am what I eat.

My bad food list:

pizza (I change up the dough or just eat everything without the dough)

anything breaded

anything heavy on white granulated sugar


chips (I have learned to eat Beanitos–ain’t giving up chips)

flour–wheat, white…all of it

I am not allergic to these foods.  I just am sensitive to them.  I can eat small quantities of them and sometimes be ok, but seriously, who eats small quantities of pizza?

So, next blog-and sorry that I have been missing in action for awhile-I will be back to normal topics for me.

Now to go make supper of chips and rotel dip.  I didn’t say I was off break or ready to get over the hangover yet.

Kathy McBroom



West Tennessee Cotton.  I am a true Tennessean


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