Christ Followers, Need Some Power in Your Life? “Passionate Prayer” Dr. Tony Evans

A few weeks ago, I had to miss church.  I searched for a good sermon to watch on T.V., avoiding all pastors that do not clearly teach from God’s Word.  “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” comes to mind when I listen to a so-called pastor who doesn’t take me to a book and a verse in God’s Word.  Don’t need fluff, thank you.  I landed on Dr. Tony Evans–Priscilla Shirer’s dad.  I got a good word.  Now I am hooked.

This morning he preached on power in your spiritual life.  He said (and I apologize for probably not quoting this right, but watch or listen to the sermon attached), “If you don’t see a lot of God’s power, you don’t experience God’s capacity.  Spiritual capacity is dependent on spiritual intimacy.  Our power is connected to our intimacy with God.”  He is the source of power.  Get connected–it’s time.

Dr. Tony Evans “The Power of Spiritual Passion”

I feel very strongly as many of you do about this election.  As a teacher, I can see how this will affect me in my classroom, but it goes so much further than that.  I will be sending out blogs asking you to join me in praying for our nation.  God is calling us to pray–one of the hardest things to get a Christian to do.

Everyday needing a Savior,

Kathy McBroom