Christ Followers, Need Some Power in Your Life? “Passionate Prayer” Dr. Tony Evans

A few weeks ago, I had to miss church.  I searched for a good sermon to watch on T.V., avoiding all pastors that do not clearly teach from God’s Word.  “Wolves in sheep’s clothing” comes to mind when I listen to a so-called pastor who doesn’t take me to a book and a verse in God’s Word.  Don’t need fluff, thank you.  I landed on Dr. Tony Evans–Priscilla Shirer’s dad.  I got a good word.  Now I am hooked.

This morning he preached on power in your spiritual life.  He said (and I apologize for probably not quoting this right, but watch or listen to the sermon attached), “If you don’t see a lot of God’s power, you don’t experience God’s capacity.  Spiritual capacity is dependent on spiritual intimacy.  Our power is connected to our intimacy with God.”  He is the source of power.  Get connected–it’s time.

Dr. Tony Evans “The Power of Spiritual Passion”

I feel very strongly as many of you do about this election.  As a teacher, I can see how this will affect me in my classroom, but it goes so much further than that.  I will be sending out blogs asking you to join me in praying for our nation.  God is calling us to pray–one of the hardest things to get a Christian to do.

Everyday needing a Savior,

Kathy McBroom


  1. Kathy,
    I wanted you to know that God has and is using you as a mouthpiece. I have been struggling since school started, feeling like what I do does not matter. I feel so discouraged because our problems in our nation and schools are so bad that they can not be fixed. I also struggle with the fact that I have 23 years in this profession and have a child in 6th grade that I do not feel will be ready for college when she graduates because of our broken educational system. However, I can not bring myself to leave my job and home school her. I’m torn over this daily. Yesterday, our sermon was about faith and how we have to have hope in order for faith to work. (Hebrews 11). I realized then, that this is my problem, I have lost hope and I shouldn’t because we, as Christians know that Jesus has already won. I cried and asked for forgiveness because I have been putting God in a box and this is so wrong. Also, with all of the election coverage and the worry that I am having about the future of my family and school, its like I am so beaten down that I can’t pray as I should. I start to pray and its as if I don’t know the words to say because I’ve said the same ones so much already. Anyway, this leads me to the point of how God has worked this morning through you. When I got up this morning to get ready, I decided to listen to Dr. Tony Evans give a sermon. I have an app on my phone that connects to his saved sermons so if you don’t have that, download it, its great. I used to listen to these every morning, but have gotten out of the habit. The sermon, I chose to listen to was entitled, The Power of Prayer, Part 1. It touched me greatly! Then, I come to school this morning and sit down to go through my emails and come across my blog post email from you that I had not opened yet. I opened it, read it and said, “Ok, God, I hear you now.”. “If you don’t see a lot of God’s power, you don’t experience God’s capacity. Spiritual capacity is dependent on spiritual intimacy. Our power is connected to our intimacy with God.” His quote, completely ties together the sermon from yesterday morning at church, his sermon earlier this morning and then your post that I just happened to open today! Your words, “God is calling us to pray–one of the hardest things to get a Christian to do.”. Thank you for your words, your time- what you do! You are such an encouragement and God is using you!


    • Thank you Ellen! I totally understand. God spoke to me through that sermon. I like you have been discouraged & praying God will show me what I can do to witness for Christ. I have been so busy that I haven’t blogged lately because school has been so overwhelming, but God convicted of remembering to do what really matters. The enemy fights against us because we touch lives everyday. I will be praying for you. Our daughters went through good schools & some bad. It really hurt but God used all those things to make our girls who they are. Thanks again sister!!


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