“Water in God’s House” by Dr. Tony Evans or “There’s a Dead Monkey on the Line Somewhere”

Before my own church Little Flock Baptist in Shepherdsville, Ky, I am now hooked on listening to Dr. Tony Evans.  Here are some quotes from this morning’s broadcasted sermon, which you have got to let play today during your Sunday:

“If you do something with the little God gives you, He will give you more.  If you don’t, don’t bother asking Him for more.”

“You can come to church and settle for fluff.  It’s easy to settle for cotton candy church and cotton candy religion.  Just because it made you feel good didn’t mean there was an nutrition in what you ate.”

“You come to this house (church) to get a greater experience of God, not to go to the movies.  You don’t want to know what the show is from the folks on the screen, you want to know what the glory is from the occupant of the house.”

“There’s a dead monkey on the line somewhere.”  *My personal favorite

Now, watch this sermon and link these all together.  Teachers, get to church this morning and this week will go much better.  I am going to need saving and I need a Savior.  I need to worship Him today because He is so good regardless of what might come this week.  He is always good.

Dr. Tony Evans Water in God’s House

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