“God is calling us to be saints in a secular society. He is calling us to go against the grain when the grain is going against God.” Dr. Tony Evans

“Everybody wants God’s favor, God’s compassion, God’s blessing, when they have no absolutely no commitment.”

“’God bless me on my job,’ when nobody knows you are a Christian but you.”a7600f060953d719b25c57c7a1fc6648

“If you were accused of being a Christian on the job, you were be innocent of all charges because there is not enough evidence to convict you.”

Time to stand in our schools or other workplace remembering the heart of Christianity:  they will know we are Christians by our love.

This is a good word for today.  Let it play in the background while you are resting on this Sunday, prepping for another week in a world where we believers should be standing out like a sore thumb.


God, help us to love, sometimes with a tough love, one that shows we are followers of Christ.  Help us to love the unlovely in our classroom and beyond, showing our students and other people in our lives that God has a plan, and it begins with an indescribable love.  May we also remember that we are quite unlovely ourselves, more at different times than others.  May we remember that Christ called us to turn the other cheek and that we were called to be a humble servant as Christ was.  Help us not to shy away from being a mouthpiece for Christ in those moments when Christ calls us to be vocal, knowing that if God is asking us to speak, He is also ready to give those words to be aptly spoken.

Saints in a Secular Society Dr Tony Evans

Praying for our schools and our nation,

Kathy McBroom



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