How to Become a More Credible Teacher (Dr. William Haskins)

As the year winds down (Hallelujah), I explore ways to keep students engaged and up my level of activity.  It seems that our students get a bit squirrelly, and we go in to full on survival mode.  There are some tried and true tips that help any time of year, but in searching for help, I came across these notes from a Professional Development.  Who knew?  A Professional Development that I actually learned from.  You just never know, right?

“How to Become a More Credible Teacher”  Dr. William Haskins

I am paraphrasing some of this, just to glean that points from the article that I have that really seem to make a difference.


  • Earn trust by showing trust towards pupils.

Kathy paraphrase and comment:  You get what you give.  You reap what you sow.  This does not mean be a pushover or a door mat.

  • Introduce sources that are trusted by pupils.


  • Appear highly organized
  • Deliver a message that is as free from errors as possible
  • Prepare thoroughly

Kathy comment:  hours of organization will cut down on discipline problems-those hours are worth it

  • When possible show students how this lesson is relevant to life


  • Develop a powerful style of speaking–no “ok” or “you know” Command your classroom


  • Establish eye contact-look them babies in the eye
  • Smile
  • Relax-  I say all the time “Your stress doesn’t become my stress”, then help students with problem solutions.  I also say  “It is not about the messes and problems that we make, but how will we recover?  How will we fix this?”  I remind them that we are a work in progress and that progress sometimes takes a lot of work.
  • Move around the classroom-no barriers between us and students

Now, enjoy this beach picture.  It’s our happy place.  Go there.  Load up the chocolate, coffee…whatever it takes.  Spring Break is here-enjoy, then push forward.beach

Of course, pray everyday before you enter that classroom.  The battle is the Lord’s (2 Chronicles 20:15)



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