“We Choose Whether or Not We Want to Grow as a Christian” How Do I Know if I a Growing? (Dr. Charles Stanley)

How do I know if I am growing as a Christian?  I have no desire to remain stagnant, dead in the water, but are there signs that I am growing and haven’t gotten satisfied with baby food?  There are and Dr. Charles Stanley, one of my all time favs, speaks of ways to know.  I try to listen to a pastor each Sunday morning as I am getting ready for church and it is a habit I highly recommend.  This comes from my Baptist and more importantly Christian upbringospel singin jubileeging.  At our house church was not an option, and as we got ready on Sunday morning, I could hear the signs of  the show”Gospel Singing’ Jubilee”.  I can still hear that song now.


Dr. Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley

I am growing, I am

  1. becoming increasingly aware of my weakness and sinfulness
  2. responding to my sin quickly with genuine repentance.
  3. experiencing more intense spiritual battles, yet rejoicing in Christ.
  4. beginning to view service to Him as an honor, not a burden
  5. viewing EVERYTHING as coming from Him.
  6. sensing that my faith is growing stronger
  7. spending more time praising and worshipping
  8.  growing in my desire to obey Him and sin is becoming less attractive
  9. eager to share what Christ is doing in my life.
  10. experiencing an ever-increasing awareness of His presence
  11. loving spending time alone with Him
  12. desiring to grow more
  13. experiencing a growing hunger for Him.
  14. feeling God’s love

Worth repeating:  We choose whether or not we growSuper-Bubble-original-im-127277

Why do I want to grow?  Why would I want to stand in a candy store and be content with a piece of bubble gum when I could have had the entire store?

Teacher tip:  more chocolate, shake season at Sonic is here, give yourself breaks.  You have fought the good fight and it is just about over.  Don’t push it.  You know this time of year, they are not listening anyway:)

Kathy McBroom