What Money Can Buy: What Can Happen When We Give to Missions

Photo Jul 03
Our hotel in Torbeck, Haiti

We know that there are some things that money can’t buy, but it is exciting to know exactly what money can provide on a mission trip.  This year my church Little Flock

My church–come join us in Shepherdsville, KY

Baptist Church in Shepherdsville, Kentucky traveled to the Torbeck area of Haiti.  I say the Torbeck area because we stayed at a hotel in Torbeck, worked in a village called Vallee’, and ate some amazing meals in Eden, Haiti. We traveled through a company called Praying Pelicans Missions that partners with churches in countries all over the world.  I cannot say enough good things about them and the staff they always provide for us.

The men of LFBC pouring concrete to floor the church. Haitians mix it and pour it by hand.

The national religion of Haiti is voodoo, so just being able to go into the country and proclaim Jesus as the only way to heaven is unimaginable.  Below is a list of the roles that we played and tasks that we accomplished or shall I say, God accomplished.  I will count heavily on my friends to comment on this article correcting any info that I left out or exaggerated in some way.  First, let me tell you an incredible story.

Two days before we left, we were told that our work location had changed.  We would now be working in a different village than planned-same type work.  Little did we know that the church in the village of Vallee’, Haiti had been praying for help.  They had begun a church, first meeting in a hut.  The storms came and blew it away.  Those who didn’t follow Christ laughed at them. This happened about 2-3 more times, each time the church experiencing a setback.  “But God…”

One Sunday morning as they worshipped in what was now a concrete block building with no roof and a rock floor, we pulled up-an old school bus load of white Americans.  They were expecting us but not for church.  Imagine how they must have felt.

The church service in Vallee’, Haiti.


Starting on a Monday morning, here are the things that we did and services, medications, VBS crafts and supplies, glasses and other necessary items that money that was given for our trip provided:

  1. IMG_1042 Denisa Parker, Belinda Cline and Debbie Alexander provided a clinic.  They saw over 500 patients in 3 days.
  2. Doris Carter and I provided mainly reading glasses for approximately 200 people.  Many came for miles by foot to attend the clinic and/or receive glasses.  Some had probably never seen a doctor.  Doris and I can tell you several stories that will have you in tears-God is more than good.
  3. IMG_1037The men of Little Flock Baptist Church , some ladies from our team and the village (men and women) poured concrete for the floor of the church.  The church people were so excited for 2 reasons:  1.  The village of Vallee’ helped with this, most of whom do not go to church.  2.  Many elderly had trouble coming to a church service with a rock floor.  Ladies were excited to be able to come to church and not damage or break their shoes on rocks.  Mainly, all were glad that a permanent
    The pastor, his wife and the music minister at the church-we gave all glasses except the pastor.

    structure was continuing to take shape.  At the end of our time with them, they have a service for us, presenting us with a plaque and there small gifts.  These were especially dear since these people have nothing, but they found a way to give to us.

  4. Keri McCormick and a host of helpers conducted VBS in the afternoons.  As we all wept, she spoke of God’s love for all in the form of His Son Christ.  Her audience each day consisted of children, youth and adults, listening intently.  I would dare say that most of the crowd are not believers in Christ, but Keri very clearly presented the greatest love story of all, the one that calls us to hot, dirty, beautiful foreign nations full of lost people.

    Keri McCormick talking about Jesus as a baby, a man and a risen Lord.
  5. I spoke to a group of church ladies one afternoon on being a Godly mother.  Many of you gave small toiletries, mainly soap which was given to a village.  Keep in mind that those people do not have running water or electricity and bath in streams or the ocean. They are extremely clean, and I know the soap was especially appreciated.   IMG_1266

There is no way to tell the impact of what we or any other team does while on mission.  One thing is very clear: we were Jesus in the flesh to that village just as every missionary is.

Some can go on mission trips.  Some cannot.  All can support missions.  So many of you gave in big and small ways. I personally had so many friends praying for our team and me specifically, and every prayer made an impact.  We all are extremely grateful for those who gave and covered us in prayer.

Our trip changed a village forever.  One day I believe me and every lady on the trip cried every tear we had.  God was way more than good, and we were totally over whelmed.  We experienced a small piece of what full-time missionaries experience all the time, being Jesus in flesh in areas where the need is great.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (NKJV)

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Kathy McBroom



  1. Well written Kathy. Thank you and the rest for being the hands, feet, and heart of service for Little Flock.


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