Prescription for the Holiday Blues

This is from some time ago but it spoke to me this morning in those days between Christmas and New Years. Happy 2018!

Life in Paris

You look around you and all the world is two by two.  At Christmas everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend, and guess what, they all got rings.

You want to go to church, but again everyone is in couples.  You know that the minute you walk through those doors with two kids in tow and no spouse, you will start to see eyes that you interpret as judgmental.  You certainly don’t venture into a small group class because they are all for couples.  If you do find a good singles class, you are not sure that you want to go because you are not ready to discuss the whole situation.

Your good friend just got his or her Christmas bonus.  Where’s yours?  You are not sure how much longer the car will make it, so you certainly don’t have extra money for Christmas.  It will be a strain for sure.

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