Youth Camp or Not? That’s the question (Sharing a blog from ByFaithShe)

So, should I send my elementary, middle or high school child to camp?  What if we don’t attend church regularly?  Is it still ok?  What if we can’t pay for it?  Is my child ready to get away for a week?  What happens if he/she gets homesick?  Will he/she be safe?  Are they really paying attention to my child at a beach?

These are the questions that can make any parent lay awake at night while his child is off, possibly 7-8 hours away, at some camp that they wanted to go to because ALL their friends were going.  Is this a good idea?

At the end of this blog, you will see a wonderful blog by my friends who write ByFaithShe blog.  Before that, I want to answer some of the above questions.

My background knowledge on this topic is the following:

Love London!
  • high school turned middle school teacher (2500 decades)
  • youth worker alongside my husband, the youth pastor, for 10 years. He was youth pastor at Halls First Baptist, Thompson’s Station Church and Englewood Baptist Church all in Tennessee
  • went to youth camp a bazillion times-I LOVE YOUTH CAMP!!!
  • mom to two daughters now 23 and 25 who went to every camp they could, children’, middle school and high school (did they not like me and Robert?)
  • Traveled as a teacher leader with People to People, an educational trip company, for 4 years
  1.  What if we don’t attend church regularly?  Is it still ok?  Yes.  Please send your son/daughter to camp.  We would love to get to know him/her and you.  No judgement.
  2. What if I can’t pay?  Never had a child that couldn’t pay not be able to go to camp.  NEVER.  Many, many people need help.  Let someone know.  Members of the church want to help you.  Please let them.
  3. Is my child safe?  Safety is top of the list for all youth leaders.  It is discussed, plans are in place and trained medical people are available.  Typically we had a camp nurse with us. In Paris, France and London, England, I had my eyes and ears open
    Hannah, Kelly (Gwartney) McCormack and Julie Layne at middle school camp with West Jackson Baptist Church in Jackson, TN

    always for situations that could be unsafe. Never lost one.  Might have crossed my mind…

  4. What if my child gets homesick?  Ready for it.  Dealt with it many times.  Your leaders got this!
  5. Is my child ready to get away for a week?  Probably, yes.  The question typically is “Are you ready for your child to be gone a week?”  Gotta let them go, friends.  If this camps introduces him or her to Christ, it is the best decision that you have ever made.

One of the best reasons to send your high school daughter to Englewood Baptist Church’s high school youth camp?  My daughter Hannah McBroom is now the Girls High School Youth Minister.  She comes from great family:)

Why Should I Send My Child to Youth Camp?

Sign up today! Call the church office, ask for that youth pastor and go! Send them kids on a life changing adventure.



Japan with 2 of the cutest girls in the world many years ago

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