The Perfect Man

So for those of you who are like me and want to go to the last page to see how this ends if the title is as intriguing as this one, I will tell you the quick answer:  there is not one.  Because today is my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day is this week, I will write this in memory of him and in honor of some perfect men in my life.

I added this picture just for some Solo sisters of mine:)

So ladies, what does the perfect man look like?

What doesn’t matter…

  • looks-I know, it’s hard to love someone that you are not attracted to but remember, all men lose hair and gain weight in the middle after awhile.  We also have our issues, but this is not about us.  Looks are truly skin deep.  Beware the Casanova who drives that great car, dresses like Christian Grey, and smooth talks his way right into your life.  All these are signs of a man who can not possibly love you as much as he loves himself (something that I told a guy once).  Definitely we want a man who cares about his looks enough to look good, but good is a matter of perspective.  Think on that.
  • money-a rich man can become a pauper in two minutes and a pauper can become a rich man in the same time.  Think on that also.
  • ethnicity-some will disagree with me here, but this is not as important as many may think.  I come from the South, and we can sometimes still get this wrong. We are all equal.

What does matter…

  • A love for God before anything else including you-this may sound strange, but it is actually the best advice that you will receive.  Think about the ways of Christ.  Don’t you want someone who will love you with the sacrificial love of Christ?  He gaveIMG_3834 himself for us.  My husband has said many times that he would die for me.
  • a man committed to serving and growing in his faith-this sounds like what I just said, but we all know that there is a difference between being a Christian and being committed.  One of my first questions for my daughters when bringing home a new beau is “What type ministry is he involved in?”
  • career goals-let’s face it, the guy needs direction in a career.  This does not have to make tons of money (but that’s ok if he happens to), but he needs to have a sense of responsibility and purpose financially.
  • background and family-his background should be similar to yours.  Earlier I stated that ethnicity does not matter, but if his family and your family aren’t similar in some ways, this can be difficult in a marriage.

Today would have been my dad’s birthday.  He wasn’t the perfect man, but I would

My dad and I in younger years

definitely argue that he was close.  My husband would say that he is not even close to perfect but don’t say that around me.

Some say that daughters marry men like their dads.  It hurts me for the sweet ones that I teach that do not know that their dad at all.

It seems that I married a man similar to my dad, and as of now, my girls are dating men very similar to Robert and their grandfather Daddy Blake.  He would be proud.

As for the perfect woman, I was very fortunate to see that at my house also, but that’s a blog for another day. Mama Dale Jolley would say that she wasn’t perfect either, but accepting to the grandkids, those would be fighting words.

Kathy McBroom

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