“What Happens When We Die?” Dr. Tony Evans

Hey friends! This teacher has had a long, great summer with a mission trip to Ecuador, visits with family and an awesome staycation that involved a basic tour of Kentucky.  The  moment that probably was the most fun was zip lining across a valley. No fear ladies!

Ziplining in Rachel’s hometown, Harlan, Ky.

Caught a wonderful sermon this morning by Dr. Tony Evans. You know I am a fan, and each Sunday morning as I am getting ready for my church, I try to watch him.

Some of his best quotes from the sermon:

“If you are a believer, the only Hell you will ever experience is the hell (let’s say, for example,  a sugar free diet) you get in this life.” If you are not a believer, the only heaven you are going to experience is the heaven you get in this life (such as a Cadberry milk chocolate bar).” *Parentheses part added by me.

“If you don’t know Christ, you are playing Russian Roulette with eternity.”

If you are not sure about eternity, listen.  Consider what Dr. Evans is saying.  If you believe in something else, what is that?  Why do you believe it and on what is it based? Things are not the way we “just want them to be” because we just want them to be that way.  If they were, summer break would last until January and then we would only go back to school for the month of January and February and get back out again. This makes no sense.

Consider what a very sweet lady told me in Ecuador.  I will paraphrase since she was speaking Spanish and an interpreter was interpreting so I don’t know the exact quote.  This is (kinda) what she said:  Many people say they want to go to Hell because all their friends will be there, and it will be a big party.”

My response?  Quick and swift because this was a lie from the evil one most certainly.  I was angry at his tactic to use this thinking to drag people into eternal suffering.   I said, (again I am paraphrasing) “Ever burned your finger?  Now set yourself on fire and stay like that forever. Doesn’t sound like a party to me.”

Hell is referred to in Revelation 19:20 as “the fiery lake of burning sulfur”.  Revelation 20:14 refers to Hell as the “lake of fire”.  In Matthew 13:42 Jesus refers to Hell as the blazing furnace, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

This is harsh, but truth is truth.  God loves all and wishes no one to spend eternity in Hell.

Neither do I. Oh and if you had a deadly disease or were about to be run over by a truck, I would tell you the truth then also.

Dr Tony Evans “What Happens When We Die?”

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

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