My Girl is Getting Married! (And of course one encouraging word for us teachers)

You haven’t heard from me for awhile because life got little cra cra.  My oldest daughter got engaged!  Three partners in crime pulled off an awesome surprise, and it was so fun.

But, we are exhausted.  Lying will wear you out.  The lies got very interesting when the pressure was on.  And now to plan a wedding.

But first some words to teachers:

Here in my home state of Kentucky, testing results are in.  There is a new calculation of scores and many of us came up lacking.  Notice how nicely I am saying this?

Teachers much younger than me which is basically all of you:), you are the one equipped best for your job.  You are changing lives everyday. When you are doing that, it will never be easy.  Many forces are against you.  Consider those roadblocks that will not block your road.  Never give up: never give in.

And all those years of teaching have made me a great liar.  Who knew that would be a gift that I needed?

Will not mention the upcoming wedding but every other sentence…

Time to lose weight, dress shop, whiten those teeth and do something with this hair.  Need to figure out how that teeth whitening works.


The “will we ever pull this off” look




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