It’s Christmas-Time to Celebrate or Is It?

It’s December-can you believe it?  This morning I have begun Christmas decorating.  I turned on the Christmas music because it’s time to celebrate, but with the first song, I found myself crying.  Not crying, squalling, big, ugly cry.  

“Why was I crying?”, you might ask.  December 12, 2003, fifteen years ago this year, my mom and dad went to a Sunday School Christmas party.  While there, my dad had a massive stroke.  That year was a blur with days in the ICU followed by more days in transitional care only to be sent home that Spring with a whole new normal.  My mom cared for my dad in their home for the next nearly twelve years until he passed away.  Understand now why for years Christmas just literally turned my stomach?

Friends, God did so many miracles during that time.  The biggest one was to bring back the joy of Christmas for me.  Believe me, it is still difficult, but I choose joy.  Period.  Joy. Going to explode joy.  Unexplainable, only God can do that joy.

Every Christmas I find myself at one point or another getting alone while I just lose it completely.  It comes out of nowhere, but the dark sadness hits.  It hit this morning as I started up the celebration.  

But it’s not staying. No way.  I choose joy. For December I will be reposting articles/blog posts that speak of this very difficult journey.  Some of these are gut wrenching for me to go back and read, but I know I am not alone.  Many people find themselves in a dark place while others are celebrating Christmas.

Only God can replace that darkness with joy.  Only He can do a miracle of the mind.  We celebrate because the King has come.  In my darkest moments, this is the Good News.  Jesus the King has come to save us.  

And He saves me over and over again.  Praise Him.  In my sobbing this morning, I threw up my hands and repeated, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.”

Ring those bells.  Put up that tree.  Manicly buy those presents. Let’s go.  Let’s celebrate. Here are two of my favorite songs both by one of my favorite worship pastors and a man that we are privileged to call a friend.  Check out all his music and those featuring his precious daughter Lily.

This song is the one that starts the season every year.
This is the song and artist that brought me to tears.  Praise the King.

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