Dear First Year Teacher,

Those first PD days will make you wonder “What in the world did I get myself into?” We are taught to give students little bits of info at a time not to overwhelm them, and then great intentioned professionals from that central office come and do the opposite to us. We all feel that pain. Walk away and daily list your priorities. Some of that stuff does not matter.


How to Prevent Teacher Burnout (Or Dig Yourself Out of the Teacher Depression Pit)

“I declare/commit/will think consider that I will breathe each day when I arrive at school. I will look at my students through the lens of love, the lens that remembers that the last voice they heard as they left for school might have been harsh, coming from a stressed parent or that some of my students may have gotten themselves out of bed and on a bus independently. I will remember that some of my kids do not have running water or electricity or a suitable bed in which to sleep. I will speak encouraging words to them, helping each child understand that he/she is special and created for a purpose.

Top Ten Words of Advice for My Teacher Friends or You Are Tired Already, Aren’t You?

Ok, so inservice or “PD” as it is now called is barely over and you are exhausted already, right? I know. As Miranda Jackson said once,“This is way beyond college exam week tired”. I see it in the eyes of our neebies on staff–that excitement mixed with raw FEAR. So, here’s the best advice that I have never forgotten from some of the best teachers in the world.

A Teacher’s December Playlist

At a time when we teachers are totally serious about everything, wait no. We are half crazy with Energizer bunny like students, that we know leave parents each morning who are saying, “Ha, ha, there you are. Do something with this why don’t you” as they drop them off at school.While in carpool lines, we are certain we are seeing parents push them out the car door, and throw their backpacks out as they race out of the parking lot. We can almost hear them crying for joy to not have to spend five more minutes with them, as we prepare to spend seven, yes, seven hours with their little bundle of joy. As they walk past me, entering school, there are days when I am thinking, “And someone was glad when you started talking.”
If you happen not to be a teacher, you might say, “Is it really that bad?”
Yes. I do like my job, and there is some sarcasm there, but I will let you figure out where the sarcasm ends and truth begins.

Reaping What You Sow: 10 Words of Advice to Parents

If you’re reading this blog and saying “Amen sister! Preach it!”, then your responsibility is equal to those of parents of children and teens. Our responsibility is to help. Our responsibility is to lovingly teach, assist, do whatever it takes to help a struggling parent around us who needs support. Many moms or dads are single parents and in this alone, and they need our loving support, not our judgment and condemnation.

How to Lose Your Mind as an Educator

I am an expert at this. As I sit here on Sunday afternoon, you know what I am feeling: impending dread, a tidal wave about to crash. I am looking at lesson plans that are congruent and Common Core Aligned(buzz words that get on my nerves), Rachel McBroom)If you are an educator, you are also. Since there is release and freedom in sharing our burdens, let’s release this one.

Top Ten Words of Advice for My Teacher Friends, or It’s August and You Are Tired Already, Aren’t You?

I am a good teacher. No, I am an excellent teacher. God has equipped me and called me to teach these children. They may be a well disciplined class or not, but God has me right where He wants me and I have a job to do. I can change a child’s life forever by educating and loving him/her.