Need Some Peace? A Great Sermon from Andy Stanley and Some Music from Michael English and Francesca Battistelli

If we are not at peace with God, that teaching job or any other job is going to spiral out of control. When it comes to your classroom, teachers, the peace of God can reign but it must reign first in you. And I need peace, the kind that only a King can give.


Taking a Look at Biblical Happiness, Great Teacher Application and a Timely Sermon by Andy Stanley

You can’t control outcomes. This is at the core of what bothers us about education. Someone has put on us the expectation that we can somewhat control the outcome. Teachers (especially), this is a lie from the enemy. I can’t even control the outcome of muffins that only asked me to add water. We must follow Christ, be obedient to His calling, and the rest is up to Him. We are not happy as long as we dwell on outcomes.